Now with Renekton’s new voice it looks like him and Nasus are talking each other.

I always imagined them fighting in a really epic way. None of them can win because they are both powerful to kill one another.


'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE (x)


'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE (x)


- Azir (via a-mechanical-girl)

(via thesuperiorsoulreaver)


- Sivir


Leaked Azir Login Screen Theme from PBE

// I also used the wrong Pain Gaming logo because I think that logo it’s from Pain Gaming.EU aaaand I didn’t save the project.


Best teams of League of Legends around the world.

Part 1.

Anonymous asked: najin black sword should have never been on that list ever. and what do you mean you did the same thing for EU? eu is totally fine in that set

// Yeah I know but China and Korea have their own server instead of, for example, North & South like Latin America. I wanted to group all teams in one because I didn’t want to make it too long.

But yeah the only bad thing there is Asia. Maybe I should idk take asia out of there and make it better in part 2.

// Why do people insult you instead of saying things politely?

I KNOW I fucked up in the Asian teams but MAYBE you can tell me which teams should I add in the part 2 instead of saying “WOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU MISSED SAMSUNG BLUE/WHITE”

Anonymous asked: yo you did a really good job on that gifset all i'm saying is you REALLY goofed on the asia part, you should have separated the 3 regions instead of just grouping them together and i think your team choice for the korean teams was pretty off :/

// Well, I did the same thing with Latin America and Europe.

But yeah the only bad thing about the set it’s the asian teams. 

Sorry but I don’t know which team is better than the other.

I think instead of Royal Club should be Samsung Blue or white

ALSO, if I made Korea, China and Southeast Asia the post would be too long.

I should make a part 2, adding the rest of the teams and regions

Best teams of League of Legends around the world.

Part 1.

// I’m gonna post the gifset tomorrow

So far I added teams from North America, Europe, Asia (China & Korea), Latin America (North & South) and Brazil.

If you want me to add teams from other servers tell me.